lunedì 3 agosto 2009

the Jesus Lizard - Goat

1991, Chicago. The second album by one of the most important post-hardcore four-piece ensemble of the decade, out on Touch&Go records, produced by Steve Albini. On the one hand the electric noise-rock of Big Black, Rapeman, early no-wave, on the other hand the sick and viscious blues mood of Birthday Party.
David Yow (former Scratch Acid singer) is a bluesman gone mental in an industrial city.
David Sims (former Scratch Acid bassist) and Mac McNeilly (former Phantom 309 drummer) are the rythm of violence, beating and pumping blood like a sick mechanic heart.
Duane Denison (guitar) is psychedelia in Orwell's 1984, the soundtrack of a war movie in hell.

If it had a face I won't (wanna) eat it, he said
If it had a face I won't eat it, he said

(Then comes Dudley)


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